Bobcat sighting in Kingsgate neighborhood ?

The City received the following email and photos:

There was a bobcat in my backyard (in the Kingsgate neighborhood) a few weeks ago and then again last week. My patio camera caught it on video, which I sent to ODFW. They confirmed it is a western Oregon Bobcat, approximately 16 inches tall to its shoulder and 22-24 inches long. We have warned our immediate neighbors but thought you should also be aware.

Update:  The City received another email which stated that they saw this same animal and believe that it is actually a cat because “it is not as large as a Bobcat and when it turned to go away I could see that it has a stub tail like that of a Manx cat.  I got a very close look at it, went to the website and looked at the posting and it IS the same cat.  Same markings.  Bobcats have a tail about three to four inches and this cat definitely had a stub tail.   It could be a mix of a Manx and maybe a Bengal for the size.”

2nd Update:  Another resident has emailed to state that they have seen this animal up close and can confirm that it is a manx cat and not a bobcat.

Posted on May 19, 2022