City Tree Work

The City of Durham performed maintenance to City parks and property from June 24-26th. The work came at the advice of the City’s arborist, SavATree.
The focus of the work was to reduce dead or dying trees from City property adjacent to paths and public rights of way that posed a hazard to life and property. Nine trees were felled or removed from the City’s treed lot on Upper Boones Ferry Road. One of the firs had a cow-pie fungus and a number of others had advanced Echinodontium tinctorium, making them unstable. Where possible, the City asked that the dead trees be cut into habitat poles.
At Durham Park, a significant Ash was removed because it was identified as being diseased and a hazard to the nearby bridge and walking path. Other hazards identified at the park include a cottonwood adjacent to the Schirado Nature loop, one trunk of a multi-trunk maple tree adjacent to the main path and some diseased birch trees along the park entrance. The City also had pruning work done to beech trees along one property line and over-top park structures, as well as pruning deadwood from a large atlas cedar.
Posted on July 1, 2024